The Power of Nature

I’ve discovered the reason Mountain Trek’s program is so successful.

I know it’s never just one thing that makes anything successful; the combination of big hiking days working at near your cardio max, delicious healthy meals, detox practices… those sorts of things of course, are major contributors why our guests leave pounds lighter and more energized. What I did discover from my experience as a facilitator at Mountain Trek’s satellite program at Rancho La Puerta (which just finished last week), was the power of nature. Being outside in nature completely recalibrates and rebalances us. It simply makes us feel better in all arenas of life – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

It’s funny, I’ve always known this, being an avid hiker most of my life and of course, being a hiking guide at MT, but I experienced this healing aspect of nature more profoundly at Rancho La Puerta, as much heaviness was weighing on me (life stuff) when I went there. And now, I come back home, lighter in so many ways, a different attitude towards that which still is present in my life. I feel balanced and I attribute this to being immersed in nature.

There’s branch in psychology called “ecopsychology” which researches what I just experienced, the effects of being in wilderness on a person’s well being. It makes sense, yet, how many of us get so caught in work we forget to get outside, to feel nature touch us in those ways nature only can, to feel and hear the silence it provides us. It’s sublime, yet, oh so powerful.

I know now why Mountain Trek works and why guests show up, it might be for weight loss, or gaining more fitness, but with those subtle forces at work, one can’t help but go home feeling lighter in being. For that I am grateful.