Mountain Trek in Top 5 Weight Loss Retreats

Woman OutsideMountain Trek was featured in a list of top weight loss retreats, on

If you’re looking for a major life style change, the Mountain Trek’s fitness program may just be the answer to your weight woes. The secret to the program’s success are daily hikes, evening cardio activities, detox, nutrition classes and their wellness coaching program.

Even though the majority of your time in the retreat is spent on hiking, Mountain Trek offers a whole lot more than that. You can expect an active full day with early morning yoga classes and wide-ranging fitness classes. You’ll also get to taste their delicious calorie-controlled spa cuisine mostly composed of natural, cleansing foods. You can likewise engage in de-stressing activities such as therapeutic massages and stress management classes which are also vital to a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about their weight loss retreat services, visit or call 1800-661-5161.”