Hot news straight from the hills of Rancho La Puerta

Kirk here. I’ve been hiking in the Chaparral country of Baja California which is the area surrounding Ranch La Puerta, the next base camp of MT. In all my guiding and hiking experiences, I find this area uniquely spectacular. My senses have been stimulated … seeing eon eroded boulder sculptures, touching and feeling the yucca and eucalyptus plants, listening to the beckoning birdsong while I hike and enjoying the feel of a cool breeze. This is nice.

On the look out for undulating trails and good elevation gains suited for the MT program (one of the reasons I was here), I’m happy to report that there is plenty of opportunity to get one’s heart rate in that sweet spot! Ahh…just what we want, great hiking, great fat burning, and a place to completely destress.

And I can’t say enough about the facilities, simply first rate! And the food, I’m looking forward to how Jeff (our dietician/guide) and the kitchen here at Rancho La Puerta recreate our delicious spa cuisine. They have their own organic farm and support the local farms which one of the beauties of this particular spa…local and organic food.

Mountain Trek…Baja/Mexico style…hope to see you there in February!

Kirk out.

(Kirk – MT’s program director/guide)