Why Mountain Trek loves Rancho La Puerta

It’s exciting for us at Mountain Trek to be able to set up our hiking weight loss program at the oldest fitness and health spa in North America, Rancho La Puerta. It’s the best of both worlds. For many of our guests who make decisions day in and day out, it’s a welcome break to drop into our program which is highly structured- the reason we call it a boot camp. We make the decisions for you.

It’s a pretty tight schedule. The beauty about coming to RLP is to take advantage of what they shine at – fitness classes.  With five gyms and three pools,  it’s more than fitness- it’s about discovering how good it feels to move our bodies.  That’s why we are setting up base camp there for the second year. Plus we found out the last two years when we were in North Carolina during US Thanksgiving (we were full both years), that people were looking to spend the holidays in a different way. A more active, healthy way. It’s another reason to find us at RLP, we want to offer an opportunity to start a new trend for the holidays, become a fat burner, not a fat storer.

That way when the annual writing of  New Year’s resolution rolls around, “eat better and exercise more” are already well under way.