Lotus Prawn Vermicelli 

Lotus Prawn Vermicelli

[b]Sauce:[/b][br]Tbs. almond butter[br]¼ tsp. toasted sesame oil[br]large clove garlic[br]¾ Tbs. dried ginger[br]½ Tbs. honey[br]Tbs. lightly packed cilantro[br]½ tsp. lime juice[br]¾ tsp. Chinese hot sauce – watch how hot this stuff is – (different brands)[br]Tbs. tamari[br]½ Tbs. miso[br]½ Tbs. rice wine vinegar[br]Water to thin[br]Blend until smooth, pour into sauce pan and warm gently. Pour over noodles, veggies and prawns and top with toppings.[br][br][br][b]Toppings[/b][br]Roasted Cashews chopped fine (1 tsp. per person)[br]Garnish with chopped fresh mint and cilantro[br]Finely chopped green onions[br][br][br][b]Portions:[/b][br][br] ¼ c. cooked bean thread & 1 ½ c. vegetables per person [br]Women – 4 prawns & 1 ½ Tbs. Sauce, Men – 5 prawns & 2 Tbs. Sauce