Outside Magazine Features Mountain Trek


One of the most popular outdoor magazines in the United States has just featured Mountain Trek in its "Destinations" section. Outside, which first hit newsstands in 1977 and launched the careers of such famous outdoor writers as Tim Cahill and Randy Wayne White, has a mission statement that Mountain Trek can stand by, namely, "to inspire active participation in the world outside."

In the June 2016 issue the magazine features adventures that travellers and residents alike must do in the province of British Columbia – and Mountain Trek is listed! In the article writer Stephanie Pearson describes her experience taking part in the week-long fitness program and says the view from the hiking trail of "the Valhalla Mountains in the west to the Kokanee Glacier in the south filled my soul." She goes on to describe her interactions with Kirkland Shave, Mountain Trek's program director:

"Shave, a former Parks Canada ranger, has fierce energy and a wry sense of humor, making him the perfect leader for this intense boot camp. I'd signed on to a seven-day trip designed to detox my body and reboot my brain. But the magic of Mountain Trek is that it never felt like punishment. The program is based out of a peaceful 15-room lodge overlooking 65-mile-long Kootenay Lake. All guests adhere to a strenuous but enjoyable exercise regimen, inroporating yoga, weights, hiking, and massage." 

To read Stephanie's article in its entirety, download the PDF of the article here: Outside Magazine-Mountain Trek

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