Woman relaxing in a bubble bath

Sleep and Stress

Woman relaxing in a bubble bathIf insomnia is plaguing your sleep, you are probably one of the 75% suffering from too little, or frequently interupted rest, that is triggered by a current stressor. Most studies show that poor sleepers tend to have higher levels of Cortisol and related stress hormones in their bloodstream. Cortisol affects our sleep depth, continuum and state, and the long term lack, will affect our memory, cellular repair and energy management.

If you are looking for that deep state of rest and recovery found in “slow wave” sleep…do everything you can to reduce mental stimulation before going to bed. In 1910, the average nights sleep was 9 hrs, now it is 7.5 hrs, and dropping.  A 100 years ago, we didn’t have the News on TV, emails, movies, etc. to stimulate us and absorb our pre slumber hours. Allow “morphious” to seduce you away from your stressors by having a warm bath, massage, or meditate before retiring.