8 Ways to Make the Most of your Fitness Vacation

hike3Attending a Health Retreat or Fitness Vacation has far-reaching benefits that can impact a person for years. The idea of investing in a structured “healthy” vacation instead of the well-worn “all-you-can-eat” getaway is steadily growing in popularity and is meeting the needs of millions of vacationers looking to revitalize their health.

Because, really, who wants to come home from a vacation with a larger waistine than when you left?

The term “Wellness Tourism” is something you’ll see more of in the coming years as active baby boomers and younger generations seek healthy adventurous and educational retreats to learn new areas of growth and self improvement.

Structured programs, such as the one offered at Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa, go beyond the basics of a morning fruit smoothie and pool volleyball. Savvy guests are looking for services, treatments and consultations that cater to all areas of health, and they see the advantage of an on-site group of therapists and practitioners with varied skill sets.

Below are eight recommendations to look for in your next Fitness Retreat or Weight Loss vacation that will help ensure you get the most out of your stay. Of course, Mountain Trek offers all of these and more so go ahead and make that investment in yourself – BOOK WITH US TODAY.

#1. Private Yoga Sessions –Frustrated by inflexibility? Feeling lost in the crowd? Enjoy individual support and tailored advice outside the group dynamic.

#2. Kinesiologist Assessment – Suffering from poor posture, a weak core or shoulder, neck or back pain? Get an assessment and a personalized home program to help correct imbalances with stretching, re-training and revitalizing techniques.

#3. Nutrition Consultation –Meet with a Registered Nutritionist to assess your eating habits, address any symptoms and receive recommendations. Learn new recipes and eating habits to meet your unique nutritional needs.

#4. Life Coaching – Make the most of a credentialed Life Coach to support and mentor you on your journey. With some coaching during and after your program, you can better overcome challenges and set realistic goals that are in alignment with your transformation. (Mountain Trek’s program director, Kirkland Shave, is an accredited Life Coach.)

#5. Spa Treatments – In addition to Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, take advantage of treatments you’ve never had, and you’ll be amazed at how skilled therapists can heal what ails you.

A) Reflexology: applied pressure to meridian points on the feet to promote the clearing of energetic pathways and deep relaxation for the whole body.

B) Cranial Sacral Therapy: a gentle, yet powerful treatment that can release the deeply held patterns of pain or disease, which accumulates throughout life as a result of injury and illness.

C) Myofascial Release: an effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

These are just some of the ways to augment your Fitness Vacation program and start your road back to excellent health. Don’t delay! Start your journey today by contacting us at 1-800-661-5161 or by visiting mountaintrek.com.