Toronto Cycling Club Recommends Mountain Trek

breakfastRecently Toronto journalist and road cycling aficionado Trish Synder attended Mountain Trek to write an article for Reader Digest‘s “Best Health” publication.

She was so taken with the program she decided to also do a blog post for her local biking club from the beaches area in Toronto that explained why even fit road cyclists should visit Mountain Trek. This is an excerpt from her piece, “I exercised for 34 hours over six days, which included 66 km and 6,000 vertical feet of hiking through the Selkirk and Purcell Mountains. One of the guides told us we were active for as many hours a day as Olympic athletes train. OK, not nearly at the same level, but this was intense, exhausting and totally invigorating—one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had.”

Trish goes on to explain how the highlights of her trip included the mountain scenery, spotting various wildlife such as moose, morning yoga classes, the massages and the “delicious” food, which included the breakfast creation shown here – so inspiring that Trish was compelled to photograph it. (“The creamy stuff was made by soaking cashews overnight and then creaming them in a Vitamix blender with a bit of orange juice. Beyond delicious,” she writes.)

To learn more about Trish’s stay at Mountain Trek, you can read her entire blog post here.