The Health Benefits of Snowshoeing

When winter rolls we often get into the head space that we can’t go outside. It’s cold, it’s wet, we’ll get sick. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here at Mountain Trek we’ve employed snowshoeing as our main fitness component for the winter because quite simply, it’s good for you, it fun, and best of all it’s outside.

Snowshoeing can change your entire relationship with winter, exercise outside helps in alleviating common depression and replacing it with a healthy and wholesome alternative to visiting the gym.

Burn Calories

snowshoeingSnowshoeing provides the aerobic workout that you get from running, hiking or biking except with snowshoeing you can actually burn more calories per hour than running. This is because you lift your legs much higher when you’re snowshoeing than when you’re running. And since your body must work harder to keep you warm in the winter it also burns more calories. Depending on the difficulty of the terrain, the speed with which you are walking and the depth of snow, you can burn between 400 and 900 calories per hour.

Build Muscles

The muscular benefits of snowshoeing are very similar to those of running with the quads, hamstrings and calf muscles getting the main workout. Throw in a set of poles (and you know we will!) and your back arms and shoulders receive a great workout as well. And snowshoeing is an enjoyable activity on rural trails and in urban settings. The general rule of thumb is: if there’s snow, you can snowshoe. There’s nothing quite like exploring your local neighbourhood or park after a big snowstorm. Go during the day or strap on a headlamp and go exploring after dark in the deep silent white.

Low Impact

Beyond that, snowshoeing provides a low impact workout that’s easy on the knees. This is because snow acts like a cushion, absorbing shocks and bumps. One of the greatest advantages of snowshoeing is that anyone can do it at any age. Grandparents and grandkids, families, walking clubs can become snowshoe walking clubs in the winter. It’s amazingly versatile and accessible.

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