guy running on snowshoes

Fun & Fitness in a Winter Wonderland

guy running on snowshoesThere’s so many great reasons to join us at Mountain Trek this winter. As promised, our 7 day “Turkey Burner” will melt away the extra pounds acquired over the holidays while you hike through pristine, snow capped peaks.

Every morning is a reset on the quiet, snow covered mountains circling the lake below our lodge. It’s the quintessential mountain lodge experience.

The Turkey Burner provides all the fitness, weight loss and de-stressing of our summer program as we explore the alpine on showshoes. Snowshoeing burns more calories than regular hiking due to the resistance created by walking through snow. The high tech gear that Mountain Trek provides to guests, allows for anyone of any ability to go anywhere.

3 bowls of soupHearty soups and stews on the trail every day are warming while also being calorie controlled. As ever, the Mountain Trek kitchen cooks up the deeply nourishing and astounding meals for which they have become known. The natural hot springs next door are at their absolute best for soaking after a day of hiking and exercise. Steam billows up around you and snowflakes melt as the hit the water.Finish the day at our timber frame lodge around a crackling fire with hot tea, relaxing in the company of your companions.

If you’re looking for a way to greet the New Year and kick start your resolution for a healthier lifestyle, the Turkey Burner will get you there.