There are only TWO BAD FOODS

Sodas (pop) and artificial sweeteners (Aspartame and Splenda, or Sucralose). 

Whoa, did I, as a registered Dietitian just write that??   The position statement of both the Dietitians of Canada and of the American Dietetic Association are that Aspartame and Splenda are safe, acceptable sweeteners useful for weight loss.  Hmmmn.   When we graph the pop/soda consumption in the USA and Canada from 1970 till now, the increases in consumption are a mirror reflection to the increases in body weight and obesity observed in North America’s population.

No other food, product or habit shows as precise a correlation to our society’s weight gain as soda consumption.  

Interestingly, diet sodas are the populations’ leading source of aspartame, high fructose corn syrup and now Splenda, or Sucralose.   Regardless of whether diet or regular soft drinks  are consumed, the result has been the same – predictable weight gain in the 400 million Americans and Canadians in direct relation to soda consumption.   In research, correlation does not mean cause, however, 400 million people over 40 years of empirical measurements showing this matched, direct relationship is very, very convincing.

Why is this?  It appears that the chemical salts that make up sodas are the main culprit – they inhibit the ‘detox effect.’ 

Detox is the successful excretion of various heavy metals, chemicals and the like from fat cells. If we are unable to unload and excrete these things, we maintain a higher fat mass in our bodies.  Thus, soda and artificial sweetener consumption means you maintain more fat mass since you are prevented from excreting the things that help create and maintain the fat cell in the first place. So, regardless of whether or not the soda has calories, the mechanisms of fat storage from sodas are also the result of chemical interference in our fat storage system.

Our advice: avoid sodas of any kind as much as possible:)