How to Transition from Summer to School & Office

With fall just around the corner, no doubt you’re experiencing some anxiety about leaving all those barbecues and dinner parties behind and getting back into work and school mode. It’s only natural to dread the return of schedules and stress as the summer months wane but the good news is there are easy things you can do to ease the transition.

7 Ways to Transition from Summer

Be Realistic

1. Be realistic

You’ve enjoyed three months of pool parties, late-night barbecues, summer camps and and now it’s time to concentrate on getting your family ready for school and getting yourself ready for longer days at the office. Whatever you do, don’t expect to accomplish it all in a single day. Trying to tackle everything at once can leave you overwhelmed and battling cortisol, the stress hormone. The key is to prioritize what really needs to get done right away.

Get organized

2. Get organized

At Mountain Trek we’re big fans of lists – we use them for everything from meal preparation to daily hiking plans. Write down what it is you need to do to prepare your child for school and you for the office. Include things like school supplies, groceries, daily outfits and schedules. If you’ve left work on a summer vacation, plan an early start on your first day back to the office. That way, you’ll be able to start sorting through your overstuffed inbox before co-workers come by asking about your vacation. For more ideas about how to perfectly balance work and home life, read our article about “The Secrets for Perfect Work & Life Balance.

Get back on schedule

3. Ease back into scheduled days

When your kids are used to running around outside until dark each night, shifting to the early morning school bus rush can be a shock. The same goes for you who’ve been staying up late the past few months while the sun shone. To ease the transition, dust off the alarm clock and about a week before the first day of school, start your kid’s bedtime routine about 10 minutes earlier each night and wake them up 10 minutes earlier each morning, every day, until they’re back on track. Don’t forget to readjust your bedtime schedules too!

Ease back into a schedule

4. Manage anxiety

Maintain a positive attitude about the summer ending – after all, if you’re nervous about school starting and all the things you have to do to prepare, no doubt your child is going to pick up on that energy as well. Remember that Labour Day is a great time to say farewell to summer and hello to all the good things coming up in the new school year. If it all seems like too much, take a break, have a bath or a sauna or go for a walk and breathe deeply. You can also enlist the help of a friend.

Connect with Nature

5. Stay connected to nature

Going back to class or the office doesn’t mean you and your kids have to say farewell to outdoor fun. Make a habit of getting outside together after the school day ends, for as long as the warm weather lasts. When the air turns cold, host a “camp-in” weekend evening by setting up floor pillows or sleeping bags, turning off all the electronics, and playing board games.

Get back to healthy eating

6. Get back to healthy eating

No doubt your consumption of potato chips, cookies and soda pop increased over the summer months. The arrival of fall is a perfect time to switch back to healthy eating habits. Start swapping out ice cream with baked fruit sprinkled with cinnamon and be prepared with healthy snacks when things get hectic. (See our list of the Top 5 On-the-Go Snacks.) You can also prepare nutritious meals in advance that can easily be reheated, such as our delicious salmon & halibut chowder. Also, aim to serve meals at around the same times your child will be eating throughout the school year.

Set up a homework area

7. Set Up a Homework Area

Create a quiet, well-lit space for both you and your child and ensure it’s free from distractions. In other words, don’t put it in the middle of the living room beside the big-screen TV and the X-box.

For more ideas and tips for back to school success be sure to download Mountain Trek’s Habits to Health app.

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