Be the Change: 10 Tips for Transformation

Action expresses priorities.

What do you envision for yourself?

It’s pretty easy to get into a rut – eating patterns, inactivity, stress and lack of adequate rest all settle into a predictable rhythm. Each January, many of us plan to transform our lifestyle, but those high hopes can fizzle.

Here are 10 tips to help you make transformation a reality.

  1. Focus on one or two resolutions instead of many; dividing your mental energy in many directions makes it harder to stay on track.
  2. Choose your focus carefully; take time to sit quietly in a space free of distractions, and have a tool on hand to record your thoughts.
  3. Take time to mull over your resolution wishlist; if you can’t choose just one, begin with them all, and over the course of the month let some fall naturally away so the key ideas can emerge.
  4. Visualize your success; if you want to feel healthy, envision what that will feel like and what some of your new habits will be.
  5. Vow that you won’t stop short of attaining your goal; this can be a personal promise, with the support of friends, or to a higher power but the act of taking a solemn vow has been shown to have real benefits.
  6. Break your resolution into smaller, achievable parts; drink water instead of soda, exercise three times a week and take the stairs instead of the elevator, eliminate processed food from your cupboard are some examples.
  7. Track your progress; a journal or app will make it easier to see progress and strengthen commitment.
  8. Focus on the joy of your new habits instead of missing the old ones; remind yourself of your goal every day to keep it fresh and alive.
  9. Embed at each level; although transformation can take a long time, each step of the way is a new normal. Notice the positive habits that make each place happen and enjoy them.
  10. Celebrate your success! Choose a reward that doesn’t undermine your achievement and share your victory. Some people share in a big way, others might celebrate by taking a beloved dog for a walk.

A change of scenery like a fitness retreat of adventure vacation can be the catalyst for lasting transformation. Above all be kind to yourself as you progress. You might backslide, but bravely face getting started again. You are worth the effort.

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