Still Starving your Body with no Breakfast?

a smoothie and a bowl of granolaDo you get by on just coffee every morning and react to a grumbling stomach around 11:00 am?  “Oh ya, I should eat something.”  If your last meal was the night before at 6:00 pm, you’ve gone all night and then most of the morning without any nutrition.  That means your body has spent approximately 12 – 16 hours without food, and a portion of a 24 hr day in starvation mode.

Soon your metabolism becomes trained to slow down and conserve energy for the daily “starve”.

It’s called the most important meal of the day for a reason!  After 8+ hours of no food intake, your metabolism slows down to conserve energy.  Breakfast is crucial to switching off the starvation response and kicking it back into gear.  Not only is eating breakfast important but what you eat for breakfast is a key component for revving up your engines for the day.

Kick-Start Your Metabolism by Breaking the Fast

Here at Mountain Trek, we know that weight loss is not about “what you shouldn’t eat” so much as “when” and “what you eat with what” that has the biggest impact on your blood sugar balancing hormones.  Maintaining this balance ensures you have the blood sugar for an active growth-centered, “Anabolic” metabolism.

Breakfast means “breaking the fast”.  Within 30 minutes of waking, kick-start your metabolism by eating a mix of food groups to avoid a “starvation response” from your liver.  Have a smoothie with fruit, greens, protein powder, Omega 3-6-9 oil, flax seeds, and milk (or a substitute).  Or if there’s time, a hot or cold whole-grain cereal with a little fruit, and protein from nuts or seeds.

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The important factor in your first meal of the day is combining foods that digest quickly into blood sugars (like fruit), combined with proteins and complex carbohydrates to give you a steady, longer energy release.  This avoids an Insulin response to a blood sugar spike that results in fat storage.

Our bodies need hydrating and nourishment after 8+ hours of no food or water.  To deny your body breakfast is telling your metabolism to slow right down and conserve energy.

So dust off your blender in the back of the cupboard, or get a new one that inspires you to use it!  Your body and metabolism will thank you.

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