Hiking On BC Trail

Best Get Fit Retreats In and Around The US

Hiking On BC Trail

People are tired of sitting on the beach with a Mai Tai.

Executive Travel magazine chooses Mountain Trek as one of the best get-fit retreats in and around the USA.  Along with Mountain Trek in British Columbia; Miraval in Tuscon, AZ, Kalon Surf School in Costa Rica, Maya Tulum in Mexico, Red Mountain Resort in Utah and The BodyHoliday in St. Lucia were also named.

Guests to Mountain Trek are not only getting more fit after a week  but the escape from the concrete jungle has incredible restorative abilities for the mind too.

People are tired of sitting on the beach with a Mai Tai,” says Kirkland Shave, program director at Mountain Trek Health, Fitness & Weight Loss Retreat. He sees more and more business travelers using their time off to do something healthy—like hiking trails in the awe-inspiring mountains of British Columbia. While part of what retreat guests love about the Mountain Trek experience is their shrinking waistlines, Shave says the restorative power of nature is equally powerful. “A week without hearing a car,” he says, “can blow someone’s mind.”

Executive Travel Magazine Writer – Caitlin Drexler

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