CN Traveler Awards Mountain Trek

Conde Nast Travler Magazine

More than 300,000 travelers took part in Condé Nast Traveler’s 29th annual Readers’ Choice Awards survey submitting millions of ratings and over 75,000 comments to create a list of winning favourites – and Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa was one of them. In fact, Mountain Trek made it onto the list of the 15 Best Wellness Retreats in the World! “Whether you’re into hiking or yoga, or just need a nap-inducing Swedish massage, book now to rejuvenate both mind and body” is what the article says and that’s exactly what you can find at Mountain Trek.

Condé Nast Traveler, one of the most popular travel magazine and websites in North America, listed Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa along with 15 of the most exclusive wellness getaways in the world including Six Senses in Portugal, BodyHoliday in St. Lucia and Ananda in India. Mountain Trek was the only Canadian resort listed.

This is what the CN Traveler had to say about Mountain Trek: “You may be on vacation, but there’s no reason you can’t throw some self-improvement in the mix, too. At Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat Resort & Health Spa, way up in the clean, clear air of British Columbia, you won’t lament the week-long cheat day that could’ve been. Instead, embrace the granola life with day-long hikes led by one of the eager local guides, and sunrise yoga classes taught by certified professionals. Everything here is targeted toward achieving optimal health, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be shoving kale down your throat, or scraping bark off the nearest tree to kill the hunger pangs. Quite the contrary: The on-site nutritionist and head chef develop locally sourced, nutrient-rich meals, with lemon ricotta pancakes just one of the many fan favorites.”

“The 15 Best Wellness Retreats in the World” article was recently published on and you can read the story in its entirety here:

Whether you’re interested in improving your own fitness, losing weight, or just want to relax in the fresh mountain air, we recommend you book Mountain Trek and enjoy the amenities that only our all-inclusive resort can offer:

  • complimentary massages
  • delicious boutique spa cuisine
  • natural hot springs
  • infrared sauna, outdoor hot tub and cold plunge pool
  • luxurious lodge in a natural setting far away from urban stressors

You’re also guaranteed to reach your fitness goals with our program that’s tailored to each individual. You can keep to your own pace but we’ll make sure you get results. We hope to see you soon!


Men’s Health Features Mountain Trek

Men's Health Feature's Mountain Trek

Men's Health, one of the most popular men's magazines and fitness websites in North America, recently featured Mountain Trek in an article entitled "The 7 Best Vacations For Your Body." The story describes the "science-based program" and then quotes Brandon Mentore, an ACE-certified personal trainer, saying Mountain Trek offers everything you could want in a health and wellness retreat.

"The 7 Best Vacations For Your Body" article was recently published on along with six other world-renowed health resorts. And of Mountain Trek, Mentore says, "Mountain Trek has one of the best balances of all the things you would look for in a health and wellness retreat. You’re not left to rough it out by yourself."

The writer of the article, Paige Smith, goes on to say:

"The program manages to feel both like a spa vacation and structured workout camp, but beyond that…the service and support provided by the staff helps you stay on motivated and on track."

To read Paige's article in its entirety, log on to:

Whether you're a male or a female who's interested in improving your own health, we recommend you book Mountain Trek and enjoy the amenities that only our all-inclusive resort can offer:

  • complimentary massages
  • delicious boutique spa cuisine
  • natural hot springs
  • infrared sauna, outdoor hot tub and cold plunge pool
  • luxurious lodge in a natural setting far away from urban stressors

You're also guaranteed to reach your fitness goals with our program that's tailored to each individual. You can keep to your own pace but we'll make sure you get results. We hope to see you soon!

Delta Sky Magazine Features Mountain Trek

Delta Sky Magazine

Delta Airline's popular inflight magazine Sky has featured Mountain Trek in its most recent issue. Called "Getting Back on Track," the article describes writer Susan B Barnes's experience attending a one-week fitness program at Mountain Trek's lodge near beautiful Nelson, British Columbia, and how she got the "reset she needs."

The story appears in the September 2016 issue of the monthly Sky magazine that's published by Delta, which flies into Spokane, the closest US airport to Mountain Trek. (A free airport shuttle is provided for guests arriving by air.) In the article Susan mentions why she decided to enroll in the program in the first place: "After months of indulging much to much while traveling, I had made the decision to get my fitness and eating routines back on track and was confident that the Mountain Trek program – the only mountain-based hiking, fitness and weight loss program in North America–would whip me into shape." 

Most of our time during the weeklong stay was spent on the nearby hiking trails, some of which took us into provincial parks and all of which presented challenges over the three- and four-hour-long daily hikes. The scenery was stunning— secluded forests, creeks carving through rock formations hundreds of feet below, glacial-fed lakes—but the hiking was intense and we didn’t linger to admire the sights. After all, we were there to work—hard. " 

Susan goes on to say that "At the end of my week, I felt stronger and healthier than I had in quite a while. My cardio stamina increased. I was happy, well-rested and invigorated. And, as a bonus, I lost eight pounds."

To read Susan's article in its entirety, download the PDF of it here: Delta-Sky-Mountain-Trek-article

Whether you're a resident of BC or a visitor, we recommend you book Mountain Trek and enjoy the amenities that only our all-inclusive resort can offer:

  • complimentary massages
  • delicious boutique spa cuisine
  • natural hot springs
  • infrared sauna, outdoor hot tub and cold plunge pool
  • luxurious lodge in a natural setting far away from urban stressors

You're also guaranteed to reach your fitness goals with our program that's tailored to each individual. You can keep to your own pace but we'll make sure you get results. We hope to see you soon!

Mountain Trek Is The Perfect Bachelorette Destination Say 2 Writers


Mountain Trek has been featured in two articles recently that describe our health program as the perfect fitness-focused destination for brides-to-be. In her recent article, Jamie Gaul writes that you’ll leave your bachelorette party at Mountain Trek “feeling like a new woman” and Alison Lewis writes in her article that Mountain Trek is “the perfect retreat just before the big day!” Both place a spotlight on the hiking and how brides and their bachelorette parties can get fit before the big day, rather than derail all their hard work.

In her article Gaul writes, “Every time I get a wedding invite, I know a bachelorette party is in store and that means too much wine, too much food and a week-long hangover. Bachelorette parties don’t have to derail all the hard work you’ve done to get your wedding day bod. These locations are fun, relaxing and have your wellness in mind. So long, Vegas!”

Gaul then goes on to describe Mountain Trek saying, “A true backcountry experience, Mountain Trek offers the bride-to-be and her bridal party a dynamic ‘boot camp’ vacation. Yes, I know bootcamp and vakay aren’t exactly synonymous but trust me, you’ll emerge from this bachelorette party feeling like a new woman. Set in spectacular natural landscapes, guests spend time hiking, practicing yoga, indulging massage therapy and have access to a variety of fitness, detox and nutrition classes Average weight loss for a one week program ranges from 4.5 – 6.5 lbs per week for women. You may even need your wedding dress taken in after this trip!”

In her article entitled “Health Inspired Bachelorette Destinations” Alison Lewis writes, “Set in the most spectacular natural landscapes, (Mountain Trek) guests are treated to an ultra personalized program and spend time focusing on activities including hiking, yoga, massage therapty, detox treatments and a variety of fitness and nutrition classes.”

Mountain Trek has hosted many groups of women throughout the years and we even wrote our own article about “Why Mountain Trek is the Perfect Girls Getaway.” Here are just a few of the reasons why a healthy bachelorette party at Mountain Trek is such a good idea:

  • Spend some much-needed time with your friends away from all the distractions of your daily lives
  • Enjoy the world-famous hotsprings five minutes from our lodge
  • Lose weight before putting on that wedding dress and look beautiful on your big day
  • Learn healthy habits that will stay with you long after you leave our luxurious lodge
  • Have a guaranteed support network when you get home

To see Jamie’s story in its entirety, please click this link: Bachelorette Destinations Inspired by Health, Not Hangovers. And to see Alison’s story, please click here: Health Inspired Bachelorette Destinations.


Review Magazine Features Mountain Trek

lodge at mountain trek in british columbia

Mountain Trek has been featured in Review Magazine’s “Exercise Escape” article in which writer Leigh Doyle interviews program director Kirkland Shave and discovers why more people are turning away from beach lounging and choosing instead to “unwind at fitness retreats to kick-start healthy new habits.”

In the interview Kirkland is quoted as saying that people, typically urban professionals, visit Mountain Trek because “they want to change their body look and feel because that’s a visceral experience that their lives are back on track.”

The article goes on to detail the experience of a Mountain Trek alumni named Jean Aldridge who’s a financial planner in Orange County, California. She attends Mountain Trek every six months because it gives “her insights into how to make her day-to-day life healthier, and it also helped her lose about 10 pounds…it even helped keep her active after she returned home. She added more Pilates classes to her schedule, began walking after dinner and used her infrared sauna more regularly. She’s watched the extra weight disappear and, months later, has kept it off.”

Mountain Trek has good company in the piece as The Ashram in California and the Men’s Fitness Boot Camp Vacation in Florida are also listed but unlike the other spas and resorts, Mountain Trek’s program guarantees fat loss while also targeting sleep habits, improved fitness levels, stress reduction and detoxification.

Writer Leigh Doyle goes on to say in the article, “For people looking to lose some weight, a week-long fitness vacation can get the ball rolling…it can kick-start motivated individuals into making serious changes by showing them how regular exercise, proper eating and dedicated de-stress time can do the body good.”

Book Mountain Trek for you or a loved one this year and enjoy the amenities that only our all-inclusive resort can offer:

  • complimentary massages
  • delicious boutique spa cuisine
  • natural hot springs
  • infrared sauna, outdoor hot tub and cold plunge pool
  • luxurious lodge in a natural setting far away from urban stressors

To see Leigh’s story in its entirety, click this link: Mountain Trek Featured in Review MagazineReview Magazine


Why Mountain Trek Is The Perfect Girls Getaway


Mountain Trek is just starting its season and what an incredible one it has been. The weather has been absolutely stunning: we’ve enjoyed lots of sunshine with clear blue skies and stunning views of the mountains, lakes and rivers in this beautiful area of British Columbia.

This is an excellent time of year for you to visit Mountain Trek because it’s a chance to really launch into recreation, relaxation and retreat. You work hard all year and now it’s time to consider taking some space for yourself: start thinking about leaving behind the stresses and worries of your job, your child-rearing, or whatever it is that occupies so much of your time, if even for a little while. It’s a great thing to reward yourself with a healthy vacation but imaging bringing along your girlfriends so you can all help support and encourage each other to get in shape and have fun!

Here are four reasons why you and your girlfriends should book a Girls Getaway to Mountain Trek:

#1. The kids are away. Time to play

Leave the children at home and enjoy this perfect opportunity to get away from your day-to-day and spend some much-needed time with your friends getting fit during the day and getting pampered at night with our massages, saunas and world-famous hot springs.


#2. Have the outdoors all to yourself

Can you imagine having the mountains all to yourself? The south-central region of B.C. is perfect because unlike areas such as Banff, Whistler and every national park in the United States there are fewer tourists around. We’ll go on such iconic hikes as Idaho Peak and Fry Creek and it will be just you, your friends and some of the most stunning mountainous views in the world.

#3. Get on track for the year

Take time out for yourself to learn healthy routines and indulge. What better way to get into a healthy mindset than to visit Mountain Trek and disover all the ways to shed stress and be healthy. Come to Mountain Trek, eat delicious meals, boost your vitality and metabolism, become more active and get your year back on track with all your closest friends by your side.

Girl's Get Away at Mountain Trek

#4. Have a guaranteed support network when you get home

Sometimes the hardest part about attending Mountain Trek is leaving. It can be difficult to incorporate the healthy aspects of the program when you get back to your day-to-day but if you and your friends all return from the fitness retreat at the same time, you’ll be there for each other and help each other through those moments when it’s tough to stay on track. You’ll have a fitness friend, a confidante and someone to share recipes with.


21 Reasons To Visit Mountain Trek This June – A Pictorial

What a Spring this has been! We can’t remember the last time we’ve had such a beautiful, sunny and warm start to the season here at our lodge in British Columbia. The days have been averaging +18°C (64°F), wildflowers are blooming and the rest of the environment is fresh, green and revitalizing.

BC is so incredible this time of year but don’t just take our word for it. We’ve compiled 21 photographs into one article about all the reasons why the Kootenay Rocky Mountains are one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Do yourself a favour and come visit us this June to enjoy all the things listed below – we’ll still be savouring the mild Spring weather and you’ll be inspired to kickstart a healthy and happy summer. We look forward to seeing you and we’re sure you’re looking forward to enjoying these wonderful activities that make up the Mountain Trek program in BC:

Enjoy perfect weather and temperatures


Lounge on beaches


Soak in natural hot springs


Savour locally-grown food prepared by a master chef


Take in the unbelievable mountain scenery


Spot baby wildlife

Wildlife-spotting (1)

Breathe in the fresh clean air


Spend time on the many beautiful lakes here


Visit some of the many local streams and rivers


Enjoy bird watching


Explore historic towns


Swim in an alpine lake


Stop to smell the wildflowers

Flowers on the hiking trail

Watch unbelievable sunsets


Be invigorated by an inspiring environment


Connect with friendly people


Hike a mountain then rest on a beach


View beautiful waterfalls

Viewing waterfalls

Meditate and find inner peace


Practice your photography



Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Eco Travel Tips from Mountain Trek

We at Mountain Trek are very conscious of the fact our guests are required to travel, sometimes great distances, in order to benefit from our program. Whether they’re joining us during one of our adventure treks around the globe, or at Rancho La Puerta in Baja, Mexico, or our beautiful lodge in British Columbia, inevitably they will have to pack a suitcase.

In honour of Earth Day this year (April 22nd) we wanted to share with you some super easy tips that will not only have a positive impact on your environment, they will also help make your travelling experience easier and healthier.

1. Pack Less and Be More Fuel Efficient – The fewer items you put in your suitcase, the easier it will be to get around and it will involve less energy and fuel to get where you’re going.

2. Minimize Your Use of Air Conditioning and Heat – Follow the same rules you do at home: if you’re cold, put on a sweater, and if you’re hot, open some windows, take a quick, cool shower and put on lighter clothes.

3. Opt Out of Daily Housekeeping – By reusing your towels and sheets, rather than having the housekeeping staff launder them everyday, you’ll help conserve water and energy during your trip.

4. Bring Your Own Toiletries – At Mountain Trek we offer locally-made, hypoallergenic and natural soap in reusable dispensers to all our guests. But in many hotels, toiletries come pre-wrapped or in tiny bottles. You may use them once or twice and then discard them, at which point they’ll end up in landfill. Instead, bring your own soaps and shampoos and leave the pre-packaged cleansers for others.

5. Eat Local & Organic Food – Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should veer away from the local markets. In fact, some of our best travel experiences are had when shopping for fresh food. While eating McDonald’s in Russia may seem novel, you’re actually doing harm to your body and the planet.

6. Bring Your Own Mug – According to a study done by Simon Fraser University, over 58 billion paper cups are thrown away every year, the equivalent of 20 million trees. Do the planet a favour and reuse your own mug or ask the kitchen staff to get one for you.

Happy Earth Day from all of us here at Mountain Trek! Be sure to enjoy the beautiful outdoors wherever you may be.

Mountain Trek Eco Travel Tips

Travel Tips To Ensure a Healthy Spring Break

Every Spring hordes of North Americans escape the cold, wet weather and flock to sunny destinations to relax by a beach or a pool. In most cases, they get too much sun, eat and drink a little too much and come home feeling more tired and unhealthy than when they left. By now many of the staff at Mountain Trek are experts at Spring Break travel given the fact that this time of year we’re always guiding an adventure trek somewhere in the world.  Aside from the list we compiled called  14 Travel Hacks to Ensure the Best Trek Experience Ever we also wanted to share with you five ways to ensure you enjoy a healthy Spring Break vacation and return from your trip more relaxed and fit than when you left!

#1. Keep Moving


For many, a vacation can involve a lot of lounging by the pool or on a beach. But as with your regular day-to-day life, it’s important to walk at least 10,000 steps a day to ensure your muscles don’t begin to atrophy. Something like this is easy when you’re walking around the historic sites of Europe or hiking in a national park but for more sedentary-style trips, be sure to go for a walk along the beach or stroll in the woods. This also applies to your plane journey to your destination: if you have a long flight, be sure to periodically raise and lower your heels while seated and walk up and down the aisle occasionally.

#2. Sleep Soundly


You may be looking forward to some good-quality shut-eye after you’re stressful day-to-day regimen but it’s important to acclimatize to the time zone you find yourself in first. At the outset of your trip avoid alcohol as that will disrupt your sleep patterns even further. Nor should you fall asleep in your hotel room or condo right after you’ve checked in (unless you arrive at night of course). Try your best to get on local time but if you do feel like you need a nap, keep it under 45 minutes.

#3. Drink Water


No matter what we’re discussing, whether it’s detoxing, nutrition or travelling, we always stress how important it is to drink water. It’s just so imperative to help your body function better, especially when travelling. Eight eight-ounce glasses a day is a rough guide for most people but a better indicator to ensure you’re drinking enough water is to gauge the colour of your urine: it should be clear with a small tinge of colour to it. If it’s too yellow you’re not drinking enough and if it’s crystal clear, you’re drinking too much. Consuming water can be tricky in some countries where bacteria such as giardia is a concern. In those cases drink bottled water or carry a water filter with you: Steripen makes different models that are just a little larger than a magic marker and use ultraviolet light to make water safe to drink.

#4. Eat Like a Local


One of the best parts of travelling is enjoying the amazing array of food each country specializes in. This doesn’t mean you have to eat out at restaurants for every meal, though. Eat like the locals and buy fresh produce at colourful local markets. (If water-born bacteria is a concern where you are, only buy produce that have peels.) Snack often and remember to stick to the habit of eating two-thirds of your daily food within nine hours of waking up. When you are at a restaurant, remember they’re there to serve you: ask that your meal be prepared to your specifications, order sauces and dressings on the side, and in the evenings, request a “to-go” box for half your meal. Oh, and if you’re going to drink, make sure it’s with food and you have some water in between glasses.

#5. Relax


Vacations are all about getting away from our stressful daily lives, but it can be nerve-racking travelling to a foreign place. To avoid undue drama and stress, be sure to research where it is you’re going first and plan out the itinerary of your first few days including where it is you’re going to stay. Once you’ve acclimatized, then you can fully explore your surroundings. Alternatively, let others take care of all the details for you. When you join Mountain Trek at our beautiful lodge in British Columbia, for example, the price is all-inclusive meaning we take care of absolutely everything. All you need to do is ensure you show up!



Health & Fitness Retreat in Canada’s Mountains

Health & Fitness Retreat

in Canada’s Mountains

With the current state of the Canadian dollar, many people are rethinking their vacation plans this year. Gone are the days of affordable retreats in the United States and abroad. Luckily there’s Mountain Trek, the only health and fitness retreat in Canada’s beautiful BC mountains. If losing belly fat, increasing your fitness level and reducing stress is important to you, and you don’t want to spend expensive US dollars, then call Holly or Lori in our Guest Services department and enjoy our special Canadian rate.

Mountain Trek’s lodge and spa is the most luxurious retreat you’ll ever visit!

It’s immersed in one of the most beautiful environments in Canada. Snow-capped peaks and beautiful lakes abound and the best part is there aren’t any crowds. Other tourist areas are overrun with people but the trails we hike are practically deserted and, because we only host a maximum of 16 guests per week, you’re guaranteed calming serenity.

As the only health and fitness retreat in Canada’s mountains, Mountain Trek ensures every guest is well taken care of with complimentary massages, delicious spa cuisine and a low guide-to-guest ratio. Our hiking program is specifically tailored to you and no matter what your fitness level, you’re guaranteed the most spectacular views and vistas in Canada.