Simple Formulas For The Best Waistline and Wellness

Stress management lecturesHave you ever wondered why after consistent exercise and eating carefully, your body won’t let go of those unwanted, extra pounds of fat? Here’s a sneak-peek at the scientifically based principles we use in Mountain Trek’s much celebrated Fitness and Weight Loss Program.

There are simple but significant formulas for metabolic change that include nutritionfitnessstress management and sleep health.

Our bodies have two metabolic phases: anabolic or “growth”, and catabolic or “decay”.  We have been genetically wired to shift from growth to decay and back seasonally (like most animals), for our survival.

The lifestyle we chose to live in our urban, industrial world, is the root cause of our fat storage epidemic.

In the West, we are primarily sedentary in our lifestyle while having access to more calories year round, than any other time in human evolution. Our hormones have adapted to this abundance and inertia by keeping us in a chronic state of deposit and decay. The results are fat storage, muscle loss, bone density depletion, chronic tissue inflammation, fatigue, and chronic, systemic stress.

strength training for weight lossWe have become stuck in a catabolic metabolism that prematurely ages and robs us of vitality. There is a way out of this cycle that shifts hormones back to an anabolic state, and the metabolism from “decay” to “growth”.

Mountain Trek guides clients back to their natural, hunter/gatherer body, using formulas that re-claim muscle and bone. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is naturally increased through potent strength training; unwanted and unneeded stored fat is burned away with correct cardio formulas; blood sugars and insulin levels are managed by adjusting essential nutritional patterns; cortisol is reduced and DHEA is elevated with stress management; sleep is improved by working with melatonin.

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