Mountain Trek Alumni Story: Sid from D.C.


Welcome to Mountain Trek Alumni Stories, our newest blog feature! Each month, we’ll sit down with a Mountain Trek Alumni to find out what they love about the program, what it’s done for their lives, and what keeps them coming back.

Mountain Trek is a truly special place — but don’t take it from us alone. We’re humbled to have developed many “Mountain Trek Alumni” — people who come on the trip once a year to every couple of years. In order to hear from the people who’ve found the most value in our program, we interviewed a couple of regular alumni to understand their personal experience and just what makes Mountain Trek so special for them.


What made you come to Mountain Trek, and what was your initial goal?

I was there to support my partner — he did some Googling about weight loss vacations and I came along to be there for him. And if I could drop some weight while there, great! I quickly realized it was much more than a place for weight loss — from the moment I got there, I really subscribed to the entire program, from soup to nuts. I loved the bootcamp philosophy, where I didn’t have to personally make any big decisions — just had to follow the path.

What did you get out of the program?

I think of my body as a gas tank: at Mountain Trek, every day you fill it all the way up and completely drain it — and do it all again the next day. The staff’s talks helped me understand my body better and how it works. Lastly — the quality of sleep I get there, digital detox, and forest bathing make me feel amazing.

What made you decide to return to Mountain Trek, and what keeps you coming back?

I left feeling so great — higher energy, my skin looked better, and I felt more rested. People noticed! Whenever I return from Mountain Trek, I always hear people say, “Wow, you look great! Where have you been?”

While I was at Mountain Trek, I fully came to realize the impact of stress on my total wellbeing. Now when I go, I know I’m going to lose weight — that’s the easy part! The deep detox and de-stressing aspects center me. Now I go about once per year as a reboot.

If you could share one thing about Mountain Trek with someone, what would you say?

The Mountain Method is evidence- and science-based — the Mountain Trek team knows what they’re doing, have data to back their recommendations up, and the result is everyone has great outcomes.

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