Quick & Skinny

The University of Florida’s Weight Loss Study supports what we believe, and teach, here at Mountain Trek. Our 1200 calorie controlled Spa Cuisine, 6-7 hours of physical activity per day, and supported stress reduction and detoxification practices, benefit our guests with a rapid, healthy raise in metabolism. The by-product: weight loss averages of 4-6 lbs for women and 7-9 lbs for men in 6 days. The physical and motivational results from 1 or 2 weeks in our Program combine with our educational lifestyle tips, to support our guests maintaining increased health goals when they go home.

Read the full Good Housekeeping article below.

We’re not pulling a fast one: Losing weight quickly at the get-go may help you lose more overall. In a University of Florida study of 262 women on a diet-and-fitness program – participants were encouraged to stick to 1,200 calories and to walk an extra 3000 steps per day – those who dropped the most pounds in the first month went on to lose the most weight by the end of the 18-month study (30 pounds, versus 11 for the others). The fast-starters also kept weight off most successfully. Seeing larger changes early on may give you the “I-can-do-it” confidence you need to stick to your plan, says lead study author Lisa Nackers, who suggests aiming to drop a pound and a half to two pounds per week for the first month to get the lift.

– Good Housekeeping, September 2010