Spring Cleaning For Your Body

closeup of a label-shaped chalkboard with the text time to detox written in it, placed on the branch of a pine tree

It’s not just your home that can use some spring cleaning. There are some paths to health that use the natural rhythms of the seasons to assist the body’s own natural cleansing systems. For instance, in traditional Chinese medicine, each season is associated with a different organ, and spring is the season of the liver.  Other health systems teach that certain foods or plants assist in this process of cleansing the body.

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For example, good liver cleansing foods are beets, dandelion greens, springtime greens and asparagus (which are in season in spring). Reducing fatty foods, meats, alcohol and coffee also support liver cleansing. Springtime is considered a transition season; our bodies wish to shed the weight we naturally accumulate over the winter. Eating fresh greens and reducing heavier foods is good advice at any time, and if it’s good for the liver, that’s even better!

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