Caring For Your Feet

Caring For Your Feet – Tips and Products To Use

Hi! I’m Kirkland from Mountain Trek. I’m here on our first Vlog on our Newsletter to share a couple things with you.

Cathy and I just got back from Rancho La Puerta, that beautiful huge 3,000 acre health spa just south of San Diego. A fantastic two weeks down there. The desert just went into bloom, beautiful flowers, and Quail running under our feet. To boot, we had a record weight loss down there in our first week; best fat loss we’ve ever had down in Rancho La Puerta in the last three years.

Next trip – well we’re doing this annual adventure trek, and last year we did Nepal, and some of you were even there last year; we did two treks in Nepal. This year we’re doing three weeks on the Camino de Santiago; the pilgrimage route through Northern Spain, and we’re offering a week for each fitness level. It’s going to be very cultural and historical, going through 13th century villages in Northern Spain, and we’ll be eating Spanish food and drinking Spanish wine. This isn’t a weight loss program. The purpose of these treks that we do in March is to help you have a target to stay fit for. We’re going to be putting out to you folks a vote as to where we should go next year, so stay tuned to that.

Foot Care at Mountain TrekI’ve been working in the office for the last couple of days, and I’ve been getting some calls from people who aren’t coming on the trek to the Spain, but are doing other adventures for themselves. There’s one of our past guests who is doing a walk for cancer, and doing 100 km which of course is a long distance. It requires some care for the feet, especially if the feet are kept prisoner in city shoes for the week. So I want to go over a couple of products for you.

The first one is Friar’s Balsam, or Tincture of Benzoin. That’s the potion that we dip a Q-tip into and put on the heel of your foot as an anchor to put bandages on. You can get that at any pharmacy.

The second thing is we’re using a tape now instead of mole skin for friction. And this tape is called Mefix, and it’s a slippery thin tape that takes barely any room in your shoe. We cut this tape to a 2 ½ inch length, round the corners so your sock doesn’t peel it off, and we stick that from the sole of your foot over your heel bone, working up the achilles, and that picks up the friction that occurs as your foot goes up and down.

The third product that I want to talk about is something called Molefoam. It’s a fuzzy foam pad that protects from pressure in our shoe. We cut little donuts out of that and place it over bone spurs, bunions, callus points, any place you’re worried about pressure that you normally feel in any shoe. You would cut a little rectangle piece out of it, flip it over, cut a half-circle, round the corners and voila, you have a little donut.

Remember to cut your toenails back, because if they’re too long and they slide in the end of your shoe, they’re going to hammer and you’re going to lose a nail. Make sure that the corners are rounded nicely so that your toes fit in your shoe, when they’re continually moving for balance, don’t dig in and scrape each other.

To that point I also want to talk about another product, which is Lamb’s Wool. You may have used this with Mountain Trek before. We take this product for some of you that get blisters because your toes are overworking for balance, and we weave this in between the toes so the toes have something that picks up the friction and doesn’t allow moisture from sweat to cause the skin to get soft and rub and peel off. So that’s something you can also pick up at the pharmacy.

All the best to you, and happy trails and enjoy the sun as spring starts to come forward.