Cynthia Dial’s Mountain Trek experience.2

Abandon the Heels for a Heath Spa Vacation

Enjoy Cynthia Dial’s blog about her spa health vacation experience at Mountain Trek last summer…

Full disclosure:  I was a daily walker, not a hiker.

Cynthia Dial Alpine LakeGive me a pair of Jimmy Choo’s with 4 ½ inch heels and the directive to cross Manhattan’s Midtown and consider it done.  But put me in a pair of hiking boots and I’m out of my element… would I be able to keep up, or would I be the “one” out of her league?

The bottom line is I needed a tune-up and was ready to graduate from morning walker to all-day hiker.  However, a statement on the spa’s site sealed the deal: “If you can climb four flights of stairs without stopping and walk on undulating ground for a minimum of two hours, you can do this program.” Sold.

Here, my friends, are the details…