Kokanee Trail

Mountain Trek: The Transformation Vacation

Ready to hike into a whole new you?

Kokanee Trail “Got the Nordic poles? Check. First-Aid kit? Check. Bear spray? Yup….And we’re ready to go!” our hiking guide proclaims. “Do you mean ‘bug spray’?” I ask, with slight trepidation in my voice. “No, I meant ‘bear spray’….But don’t worry – it’s usually just a precaution”. And so, another group of urban professionals vacationing at Mountain Trek – a high-octane fitness resort nestled in southeastern B.C. – realize that we’re not in proverbial Kansas anymore. As we depart for a four-hour hike up an altitude heretofore seen only from the tops of office skyscrapers, we feel secure under the supervision of our fearless leader. Read more of Lynn Burshstein’s Mountain Trek experience.