Gear Patrol – Gifts for Guys

Mountain Trek’s Adventure to Machu Picchu was the culminating gift in this 2012 Gift Guide for men by Gear Patrol.

The Athlete – Gear Patrol Gift Guide

Gear Patrol Annual Gift Guide for Guys

Gear Patrol Annual Gift Guide for Guys

The fitness fanatic is the man that puts in a quick 5K before the rest of us have even tossed the beans in the burr grinder. His body fat is measured in fractions, and biceps in feet. His dinner conversations involve things like basal metabolic rate; his pecs flex, noticeably, when he passes the pepper. He has endless amounts of energy, a good work ethic, and an army of free weights hidden in his office.

He might be your best friend, or brother, or both. He may even be the man you want to become, or your better (slimmer) half. One thing is certain, though: trying to track down a gift that will release the right amount of endorphins can be as exhausting as training for an Ironman…

Peru Mountain Fitness Trek

You could reward your exercise efforts with a trip to the sun and sand, but the included mojitos and muy grande meals will lay waste(line) to all of your hard work. The Peruvian Mountain Fitness Trek is an eleven night hiking hiatus designed for fitness fanatics of all levels. Led by Mountain Trek’s head honcho, groups are small and broken out into equally paced pairings. Beginning in Cusco and touring through the Sacred Valley, the trek ascends the Andes via the Inca trail into the history and mystery that is Machu Picchu. A gift that truly embodies the spirit of adventure, this is an experience that should be on every man’s list. Just don’t forget your camera.

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