A Daily Account of the Mountain Trek Program


Jenna and Rob at Fry Creek on a Thursday, the 5th day of the Mountain Trek program, when they were feeling “great,” “light,” and “energized.”

Recently we asked two visitors who attended Mountain Trek Health Retreat in B.C. to document their daily revelations, pains, challenges, and successes. Each was given the same list of questions over the six-day program and their responses are an excellent snapshot of how people change throughout the week.

The reasons we chose to feature Jenna and Rob are they’re relatively close in age, they both lead busy lives in Vancouver (they hadn’t met before), they’re at similar fitness levels and they both came to Mountain Trek to “destress” and “rejuvenate” in a beautiful setting. Jenna is a hard-working partner at a marketing and Web development studio and Rob is a writer and musician whose lifestyle can get a little “Rock’nRoll” at times.

Below are honest accounts of their experiences, in their own words. Sum up how you feel right now in 20 words or less.

  1. Where did you hike today and what stood out to you?
  2. What was the highlight of your day?
  3. What was the most challenging part of your day?
  4. What are you craving at this moment?

Day 1


  1. Today’s been very long but amazing.
  2. We hiked from the lodge to Cedar Creek and then to the old Ainsworth cemetery.
  3. My highlight is how i feel right now! I was anxious to come here but everyone is amazing and there’s a friendly communal feeling.
  4. Facing my reality. The weigh in and body mass composition was definitely the low point in my day.
  5. Food in general.


  1. I feel good but a little hungry and a bit anxious about how my muscles will feel for tomorrow’s hike.
  2. The old cemetery was cool with the tall larch trees growing from within the white fencing.
  3. I loved soaking in the caves at Ainsworth Hot Springs (114°F).
  4. 45 minutes of endurance training at the end of a long day.
  5. I’m craving a burrito, chips and salsa. (Cruel of you to even ask.)

Day 2


  1. I feel really good. Very tired, very sore but good.
  2. I’m in Group #2. We went up the Galena trail today and saw a moose on the way to the hike!
  3. I really like it here. I might not want to go back to work
  4. Getting to the night class is a challenge. But once I’m in it, it’s amazing.
  5. Nothing specific. Just food.


  1. My hips are sore and I’ve developed a blister on my heel.
  2. I’m in Group #1. We hiked along the old K&S railway line near the deserted mining town of Sandon.
  3. A highlight was Payne’s Bluff– a narrow, cliff-side portion of the old railway cut out of a sheer rock face a thousand feet above the valley.
  4. Climbing 1000 ft of steep vertical in about 45 minutes.
  5. I’m craving chocolate and potato chips.

Day 3


  1. I feel tired and very sore but really great! I had a great day today!
  2. We hiked the Height of Land trail in Pilot Bay, which is about 17km. Krista was our guide again today. She’s amazing.
  3. My highlight was finishing the hike. I have NEVER gone that far.
  4. The mosquitos on the trail were annoying.
  5. I’m craving chips, coffee, and sleep. I’m exhausted.


  1. I haven’t felt this exhausted since some friends and I did a 9-hr Grouse Grind/Haynes Valley hike 10 years ago.
  2. We took the free ferry to the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. The mist hanging over the glassy water at sunrise was beautiful.
  3. Spotting secluded bays while we hiked through a mossy, sun-dappled forest.
  4. Climbing up a grueling 1,400 feet with sore legs and hip muscles.
  5. I want a Skor bar and ice cream, any flavor.


MT jenna photo2

Jenna and Rob are in the back row of this group shot. Rob’s wearing blue. Jenna is in black.

Day 4


  1. Today was my low day. I almost cried at breakfast. Twice.
  2. We hiked the fire access on Buchanan Mountain in Kaslo. It was beautiful.
  3. It’s so amazing the care that is put into the menu here. Guests’ dislikes, sensitivities and allergies are all considered. I have not worried once about cross-contamination or if something might have nuts in it. All my meals are either labeled with my name or brought to me directly. I feel very safe.
  4. Getting up the mountain. My legs and arms felt weighted. It was a serious mind-over-matter day for me. I’m glad I had a massage tonight.
  5. I’m not craving anything. We ate really well today.


  1. Today was an easier day than “Toxic Tuesday.” It’s 7pm and I’m feeling good, even energized.
  2. I woke up with a sore hip and hamstring muscles and was told if I pushed any harder it could result in injury. So I missed the hike and instead did two hours of cardio, core and strength training in the gym.
  3. Having the fully-stocked gym and yoga centre, with the stunning view of Kootenay Lake and snow-capped mountains, all to myself.
  4. Staying behind from the rest of the group and finding the willpower to push myself in the gym as hard as I could without further aggravating certain leg muscles.
  5. I can honestly say I’m not craving anything from the “outside” world at this moment.

Day 5


  1. I feel so good. I am never leaving.
  2. We hiked Fry Creek today. It was neat to be on the hike that I have seen so many photos of.
  3. Everything. Absolutely everything. We had an amazing yoga class this morning, all of the food was really good, the hike was beautiful, the drive to the hike was lovely and the evening workout was super fun.
  4. I became anxious when I learned I’d be hiking with Group 1 tomorrow. Nerve racking!
  5. Again, nothing. We ate really well today.


  1. I feel great. Light and energized.
  2. Hiking the narrow, cliff-side trail sections along the powerful and fast-moving Fry Creek.
  3. We saw a foot-long Rubber Boa snake (harmless) on our path that we stopped to examine.
  4. It was a challenge not dropping my iPhone into the water as I tried to snap shots of the beautiful scenery.
  5. An ice-cold beer.

Day 6


  1. I feel really proud of the work I put into this week. I am so happy to have met some really amazing people and to spend a week in the mountains.
  2. We hiked Slocan-Evans Trail and while driving to Slocan City we saw a black bear on the side of the road.
  3. At dinner tonight we all talked about keeping in touch – it’s nice to form such a strong bond in 7 days with strangers.
  4. The hike today was definitely challenging. It was really hard to keep going with Group #1 but everyone supported me and encouraged me and I did it!
  5. The only thing I’m craving at this moment is more Mountain trek!


  1. I feel great but it’s also bittersweet to be leaving. Friends were made, weight was shed, toxins were purged, lessons learned and eyes opened. But at the same time, I’m looking forward to getting back to my routine and tackling life in the outside world with an altered perspective.
  2. We did the Slocan-Evans Trail and Jenna moved into Group #1 with us, which was great. I’d look back, and there she’d be, right behind me.
  3. The conversations we had with each other on the trail were a highlight. Humorous, intimate, and insightful stories were shared.
  4. It was challenging keeping up with head guide Kirkland Shave.
  5. I’m craving nothing. (Because I know I’m going for Mexican food and a beer tomorrow in Nelson. Yeehaw!)

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