Working together

It’s More than Just Transformation

Deborah Stone joined us for a week of health and fitness last summer. As with most of our reviews, transformation is the key idea, as she experienced the quick shift into health and renewed vitality .

It's all About Transformation

It’s all About Transformation

She also describes the daily rhythm of exercise, delicious meals, reflection and learning; what’s unique about her review is this:

I believe the setting and situation removes barriers, allowing individuals to open up more readily. The hikes, though sometimes arduous, were always rewarding because of the scenery, the companionship and the sense of accomplishment that participants felt upon completion.”

This quality of connection is something we notice with each group; by sharing challenge, introspection and success, a real bond forms among guests. Each person arrives with their own goals and starting point, and each person is supported to achieve their best.

Read her review to get the full picture.