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Review Magazine Features Mountain Trek

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Mountain Trek has been featured in Review Magazine’s “Exercise Escape” article in which writer Leigh Doyle interviews program director Kirkland Shave and discovers why more people are turning away from beach lounging and choosing instead to “unwind at fitness retreats to kick-start healthy new habits.”

In the interview Kirkland is quoted as saying that people, typically urban professionals, visit Mountain Trek because “they want to change their body look and feel because that’s a visceral experience that their lives are back on track.”

The article goes on to detail the experience of a Mountain Trek alumni named Jean Aldridge who’s a financial planner in Orange County, California. She attends Mountain Trek every six months because it gives “her insights into how to make her day-to-day life healthier, and it also helped her lose about 10 pounds…it even helped keep her active after she returned home. She added more Pilates classes to her schedule, began walking after dinner and used her infrared sauna more regularly. She’s watched the extra weight disappear and, months later, has kept it off.”

Mountain Trek has good company in the piece as The Ashram in California and the Men’s Fitness Boot Camp Vacation in Florida are also listed but unlike the other spas and resorts, Mountain Trek’s program guarantees fat loss while also targeting sleep habits, improved fitness levels, stress reduction and detoxification.

Writer Leigh Doyle goes on to say in the article, “For people looking to lose some weight, a week-long fitness vacation can get the ball rolling…it can kick-start motivated individuals into making serious changes by showing them how regular exercise, proper eating and dedicated de-stress time can do the body good.”

Book Mountain Trek for you or a loved one this year and enjoy the amenities that only our all-inclusive resort can offer:

  • complimentary massages
  • delicious boutique spa cuisine
  • natural hot springs
  • infrared sauna, outdoor hot tub and cold plunge pool
  • luxurious lodge in a natural setting far away from urban stressors

To see Leigh’s story in its entirety, click this link: Mountain Trek Featured in Review MagazineReview Magazine